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Expanded Polystyrene Packaging Solutions

“Thinking Clean, Acting Green,” is EPS-IA’s new comprehensive EPS Sustainability Toolkit designed especially for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). TheToolkit includes a step-by-step guide on how to implement an EPS recycling program and a full lifecycle analysis that quantifies environmental impacts associated with EPS manufacturing and distribution. It even includes a packaging insert that can be used to educate consumers about the recyclable properties of EPS.


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EPS is playing an important role in sustainability. Because of its versatility EPS offers significant efficiencies in design and development, product assembly and distribution costs. Products packaged in EPS result in lower damage rates which can be measured in environmental terms – in re-manufacturing, re-transportation and disposal of the original product.

EPS-IA commissioned an extensive study, the EPS Life Cycle Analysis Report, conducted by Franklin Associates, Ltd. The report quantifies resource use, taking into account all the benefits, energy costs and emissions to air, water and soil required to produce and manufacture EPS from cradle-to-grave. The study offers full disclosure of EPS properties and environmental implications.

EPS-IA also evaluated the use of alternate shipping materials. The study was conclusive that the benefits of EPS are significant. EPS not only offers a safe, lightweight option for packaging material, but is also a recyclable material with low environmental impact. More specifically, the assessment—from raw material acquisition to processing, transportation and final disposition—shows that as recycling increases, atmospheric and waterborne emissions decrease by up to 9%. Simultaneously, energy use can achieve a 14% reduction depending on the level of recycled content and the actual recycling method. EPS-IA has created an Environmental Profile Analysis that offers a summary of this report. To receive the full EPS Life Cycle Analysis Report, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

EPS-IA is continuously creating awareness about EPS and EPS recycling, producing informative materials, reports and presentations for all industries touched by EPS. One such report—the EPS Sustainability Checklist—displays how EPS meets five of the seven definitions for sustainable packaging based on criteria set by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.