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Large Volume Recycling

Working with your consumers and other commercial EPS waste generators in your region, EPS-IA members are able to facilitate economically viable recycling programs through the development of consistent and reliable sources of post-commercial and post-industrial EPS waste. These efforts are typically focused on high-volume collection streams. Although there are numerous end-use markets, the majority of EPS collected for recycling is used in making new EPS foam products or re-pelletized and remanufactured into rigid, durable products such as plastic lumber and molding trim.

EPS recycling businesses are able to accept one-time shipments (such as new computer packaging from a school district, for example) as well as repeat, high-volume deliveries. Often recyclers will set up contractual arrangements with high-volume sources of EPS. If you have either one-time or consistent large quantities of EPS for recycling, the PS: Think Recycling brochure and the list of large volume recyclers are helpful resources.

If you have large volume quantities of ARCEL, fire retardant or colored EPS for recycling, please call EPS-IA at (410) 451-8340.