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Recycling Equipment Manufacturers

If you want to purchase equipment for EPS recycling, EPS-IA can help. Below is a comprehensive list of corporations that manufacture recycling equipment for EPS and other recyclable products. If you cannot find what you are looking for or need further assistance, please contact EPS-IA.

Foam Equipment & Consulting



Kurtz Ersa

Sebright Techologies




compactors-densifiersFoam Equipment & Consulting
Phil Plotts
10725 Indian Head Industrial Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63132- 1101
Phone: 314-427-4395
Fax: 314-427-4398
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Foam Equipment & Consulting Co. offers the Heger Line of Foam Grinding, Milling, De-Dusting, Metering and Compacting Equipment for foam molding and recycling operations.

The Heger Line of processing equipment utilizes superior components to ensure quality reprocessing of scrap foam parts. The complete Heger Line includes a coarse and fine grinding system paired with de-dusting and metering equipment for processing expandable polystyrene and polypropylene at foam molding facilities.

The Heger Compacting System is designed for processing EPS (expandable polystyrene), XPS (extruded polystyrene), and Styrofoam™ as well as ARCEL (co-polymer), PE (polyethylene) foams and PP (polypropylene) foam. HEGER compactors safely reduce the volume of lightweight foam materials into dense, shippable logs which can be loaded to the legal weight limits. HEGER EPS compactors use no heaters, produce no fumes and use no hydraulics.

Foam Equipment & Consulting Co. provides sales, service, training, and parts.


hirschHirsch Americas, LTD
90-F Glenda Trace
Newnan, GA 30265
Phone: 770-632-6484
Fax: 770-632-6485
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HIRSCH Screw Mix


Volundsvej 13
DK 3400 Hillerod
Phone: 011-45-4826-8090
Fax: 011-45-4826-8016
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KBM is specialized within the foam industry and manufactures recycling systems that enable the EPS and EPP industry to reuse as much as possible in their production. KBM offers a wide range of recycling systems that can manage 140 - 1400 cubic feet per hour of recycled EPS. They also offer a unique granulation process which brings the material down to the individual bead with a minimum of dust. This optimizes the reuse of EPS products and with precise mixing systems like STYROMIX and STYROMETER it is possible to accurately control the mixing/metering to reuse even more.

For non-EPS-manufacturing locations KBM offers the StyroPactor compactors and StyroCrusher crushers. KBM StyroPactor will accept wet or dry material and can also be used as a crusher. Because it is non-corrosive it can be used in extreme environments and can take contaminated material such as EPS seafood packaging. Since it is filled vertically, Styropactor can accept pieces of any length. And, because they are mobile they can be used in any fish processing industry, supermarket, department store, etc. The volume is highly reduced resulting in minimized handling and transportation costs. Available in more sizes with capacities from 15 to 90 kg/hour (33 – 200 pounds per hour).

The StyroCrusher crushes the EPS in bags of almost any size and the EPS can easily be shipped to a location where it can be recycles as EPS – e.g. in a KBM recycling system by an EPS manufacturer.

KBM also has a large program of other products for the EPS/EPP/EPE industry: Injektorking Vario fillguns, Styromix / Styrometer mixing systems, Dustcompactors, Styrosilo storage silos etc. All optimized to be used with recycled materials.


John Floryance
1779 Pilgrim Road
Plymouth, WI 53073
Phone: 920-893-1779
Fax: 920-893-1562
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For block molding, Kurtz offers the KDG 20 or KDG 40 (Kurtz Dustless Grinder), either 20 or 40 cubic meters per hour throughput, or roughly 700 and 1,400 cubic feet per hour. Also offered is a Mix & Meter Station for blockmold fill silo.

For shape molding, there are a range of products offered through Kurtz’s affiliate company, CK Teknik. The recycling system includes a pre-breaker, mill, deduster, four-fold filter station and various silos and accept EPS, EPP and EPE. The Mix & Meter Station is also available.


Sebright Technologies

127 N Water Street, PO Box 296    Doc2
Hopkins, Michigan, 49328
Phone 800-253-0532
US, 269-793-7183
Intl. Direct Line 269-793-3420
Fax 269-793-8793
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Bright Technologies, specialty equipment div. of Sebright Products, Inc. has developed a line of EPS Densifiers for volumes from 100 lbs. per hour to 1200 lbs. per hour, producing truckloads of 40,000 lbs. for optimum efficiency. Our equipment is designed, manufactured, installed, and serviced factory direct right here in the United States. The original EPS Densifier, placed in 1995, is still in use today.

Complete design services specific to your site when needed and ancillary systems from pre-breakers to bag houses with full integration with your existing systems are all available. No heat is used to reduce pentane gas dangers, just 190,000 lbs. of pressure applied until all air has been removed and there is no remaining memory. This creates a solid block of PS with densities of 17 to 22 lbs. per cubic foot and it doesn’t matter whether you start with EPS dust or small chunks of EPS.

To increase recycling of EPS in the United States, there are numerous programs utilized to place equipment wherever volume permits and the foam can be sold to manufacturers using the densified EPS Foam in products like composite or plastic lumber used for longer lasting, weather resistant outdoor decks or fencing, drain field aggregate substitute or drainage tile blankets used for increased drainage under roads and highways, and it is even used for hard jewel cases for CDs and DVDs.

This extremely resilient building and packing material does not need to end up in your local landfill after its original use. Bright Technologies EPS Densification equipment is the most reliable long term investment in EPS recycling you can make. For a quick view of the equipment in use, see and link to our website for contact info!